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Chester treasure hunt - city walls Chester treasure hunt - city walls
Chester treasure hunt - gorge Chester treasure hunt - gorge
Chester treasure hunt - guildhall Chester treasure hunt - guildhall
Chester treasure hunt - tower Chester treasure hunt - tower

A Treasure Hunt from Treasuredays is a great way to have a fun day out with family, friends or colleagues. 

To see all the locations we offer, just click on the All Treasure Hunts or Hunts by Region menu at the top right of the page, or use the Quick Links menus to the right and below.

To see all the locations we offer, just follow one of the hunt menus above or below.

A Treasuredays Gift Voucher makes an ideal Christmas or Birthday present. Vouchers can be exchanged for any of our treasure hunt packs - and there's a 15% saving if you buy two treasure hunt gift vouchers at once. Click here to see more and purchase.

Our Treasure Hunts

Our flexible packs allow you to go on the treasure hunt at any time, and with as many people as you want. One pack allows unlimited participants. They are excellent value for money whether it's a day out with the kids, a hen party or a team-building event. You can play the treasure hunt as a competition or simply use it to make exploring new and familiar areas more interesting.  And you can tailor the treasure hunt to your own needs, with two different sets of clues for each route and three bonus rounds to choose from.  

To find out more about How our treasure hunts work, click here.

Treasure Hunt Editions

We offer 3 different editions of each treasure hunt pack, with currently over 50 routes available:

  1. Our £35.00 classic full treasure hunt pack - 2 main sets of clues (easy / cryptic) plus bonus rounds with photo clues, pub name clues and an 'items to collect' sheet.
  2. A half price family treasure hunt pack at £18.00 - with just the easier set of clues and the bonus photo round.
  3. A Corporate or personalised treasure hunt (£99.00) with your company logo, special greetings, additional clues about you etc.  Click here for more information.

Or for a rainy day, buy our special Kids' Indoor Treasure Hunt pack for just £9.99. Suitable for ages 6-10. Click here to purchase.

You can also buy Kindle Editions of some of our Treasure Hunts for around just £8 if you go to the Amazon kindle store.

We can also set bespoke treasure hunts by arrangement at a location of your choice. If you would like to explore this and discuss the cost, please contact us.

Happy Hunting!

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